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Cocoa gnocchi

Cocoa gnocchi

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Cocoa gnocchi recipe by of 01-03-2020

The cocoa gnocchi they are an original and tasty idea to prepare a first course different from the usual. They are very simple potato gnocchi, colored and flavored by adding a few grams of bitter cocoa to the dough. The result is particular but very delicate: I have dressed them with a mix of cream and gorgonzola, which in my opinion enhances them enough. Alternatively you can try the classic butter and sage (trying not to overdo it with sage), or maybe go for a pear and gorgonzola ... In short, the possibilities are varied and waiting to be discovered!


How to make cocoa gnocchi

First boil the potatoes (for about 35 minutes): once well cooked, peel them and mash them in a potato masher.

Add sifted cocoa and flour, salt and spices and start to mix, then also incorporate the egg.

Make some loaves a couple of cm wide and cut them into chunks to create your gnocchi.
Pass them quickly, one by one, on the tines of a lightly floured fork to give them the classic striped shape.

Cook them in a large pot of boiling salted water, draining them as they come to the surface and dipping them directly into the sauce, prepared simply by melting butter and gorgonzola in a pan together with the cream.

The cocoa gnocchi are ready, serve them with a sprinkling of bitter cocoa and you're done.

Cocoa menu: aphrodisiac recipes

The cocoa with meat or in first courses? Why not? Discover the delicious proposal of cocoa menu by Donna Moderna. Bitter cocoa is obtained from powdered cocoa beans and does not contain added sugars, moreover it has stimulating and energetic properties. Who watching the movie Chocolat with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp weren't you intrigued by the cocoa lunch? The cocoa has always been part of the savory cuisine, passing by first dishes (how pasta And gnocchi) to the seconds (like the famous jugged hare), to get to dessert. It is a plant native to South America discovered by the Maya, who were the first to cultivate it. The Aztecs also knew cocoa, but its consumption was reserved for the upper classes. Cocoa beans were considered so valuable that they were used as money. They arrived in Europe in 1528 and the drink they made is known as chocolate it was appreciated only with the addition of sugar, anise, cinnamon and vanilla.

Cocoa gnocchi with gorgonzola and pears

A few years ago, let's say at least a dozen, I attended a dinner entirely based on cocoa. To get my boyfriend, now a husband, to participate was an undertaking.

He doesn't like such particular and unusual combinations, but in the end I got it right and we went with some friends.

Since I love to experiment, my husband says I think too many, I wanted to make them cocoa gnocchi and combine them with gorgonzola and pears.

My husband, as usual, as soon as I offered him this dish for lunch a little bit wrinkled his nose, but in the end I convinced him he appreciated it too because he loves gorgonzola more than me hahaha

A perfect recipe to prepare for a romantic dinner or an anniversary, I have prepared it to celebrate an anniversary.

To make the cocoa gnocchi with gorgonzola and pears I used Kennebec potatoes from the Bubi patata & ampFood Store company.

If you are looking for other ideas to present your gnocchi click here

Let's prepare the Cocoa gnocchi with gorgonzola and pears

Let's first prepare the shrimp and broad bean sauce with orange, so we will have it ready once the gnocchi have been drained.

Clean the shrimp from the shell and remove the black thread with a tooth pick. Cut them into small cubes.

Prepare an emulsion with brandy, orange juice, oil and pepper. Put the shrimp to marinate in the emulsion for 20 to 30 minutes.

Blanch the beans for 5 minutes in salted water and peel them, they will be al dente and a nice green color.

Sauté them for a few minutes with a sauté of a small spring onion very finely cut without a lid, otherwise they will change color.

Make fillets with the orange part of the peel.

Now let's prepare the gnocchi

While the prawns are marinating, sift the flour with cocoa and other powders.

Grate the chocolate and add it to the flour, sift the ricotta too.

Put everything together in a bowl and mix with a spoon, you will get a thick and creamy mixture.

Dust the work surface well and take a large spoonful of the mixture and place it on the latter.

Do not knead absolutely, but gently roll giving shape to a long cylinder just like the one you do for the most classic potato gnocchi.

The flour will wrap the cocoa ricotta in a veil and allow you to cut the gnocchi. Continue until you finish the dough and arrange the gnocchi on a cardboard tray well dusted with flour, not stuck together.

Boil plenty of lightly salted water and pour the gnocchi by hand and a few at a time.

In a minute they will rise to the surface, drain them with a slotted spoon. Now you can decide whether to finish the preparation or leave them aside on a serving dish and lightly seasoned with oil.

So you can prepare them in advance and finish cooking when it is time to present them on the table.

When you decide to finish the preparation, sauté them in a pan with butter for a couple of minutes over high heat.

In another pan pour the beans with a drizzle of oil and a piece of butter and after a couple of minutes the prawns with their marinade.

Always on high heat, let it cook for a minute, no more so the shrimp will remain tender and not chewy.

Turn off and add a few fillets of orange peel, keeping some to decorate once served.

Serve the gnocchi, add the sauce in the center and other fillets of orange peel.

Wash the potatoes thoroughly under running water, being very careful not to leave any earth residues. Take a large, tall pot and put the potatoes inside. Fill the pot with water until all the potatoes are covered.

Bring to a boil and leave to cook. Test to see if the potatoes are cooked by inserting a fork inside them. If they are soft even in the deepest part, then they are cooked perfectly and you can turn off the heat.

Let them cool and then remove the peel. Mash them with a potato masher and place them on a wooden board forming a mound.

Make a hole in the center and add the eggs, a pinch of salt and the unsweetened cocoa.

Put the flour all around the potatoes. Begin to mix the ingredients gently. The amount of flour depends on the size of the eggs and the quality of the potatoes. If you find that the mixture is too sticky, add a little more. Do not overdo the flour otherwise the gnocchi will be too hard after cooking.

When the mass is soft, but not sticky, start preparing the gnocchi. Cut a piece of mass and form a loaf of two centimeters, then take a knife and cut out many small long pieces about 3 centimeters. Take a tray, sprinkle it with flour and lay the freshly prepared cocoa gnocchi on top. Proceed in this way for all the rest of the mixture. If, while preparing the loaves, the mass tends to stick to the pastry board, add a little flour before starting to stretch them. Now the gnocchi are ready to be seasoned.

Cocoa and eggplant an ancient combination.

In fact, one day my grandmother said to me - Do you want to try these chocolate aubergines? - At first I was perplexed & # 8230 but then not to disappoint her, I tried & # 8230..a real delight It is an ancient recipe from the Amalfi coast, that my grandmother often did.

So, I thought of proposing this combination in a first course.

& # 8230for 4 people you need & # 8230..4 medium yellow potatoes, 300g of flour, 0,100g of re-milled semolina flour, 5 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa, one egg, a pinch of salt.

2 medium round aubergines, 100 gr of smoked scamorza cheese, oil to taste,

Boil the potatoes, peel them, and mash them.

Put an equal quantity of flour and potatoes on the wooden pastry board and form a fountain, break the egg in the center and then add the cocoa, and a pinch of salt.

Start kneading the dough. The amount of flour is indicative, in fact it can be more or less depending on the absorption. The semolina flour then serves to knead better at the end when the ball has already formed, and for when you have to make the sticks & # 8230 & # 8230 and also to prevent the gnocchi from sticking once done

Clean, cut the aubergines into slices and grill them.

Cook the gnocchi in abundant salted water, and as soon as they rise to the surface, pour them into a pan in which you have cooked (for a few seconds) the aubergines.

Mix everything and then turn off the heat.

Add the smoked cheese cut into small pieces and let the cocoa gnocchi with aubergines rest for a couple of minutes covered

Serve the gnocchi, and if you really want to surprise & # 8230 sprinkle them with bitter cocoa!

Potato gnocchi with cocoa

I remember very well when I proposed to my husband to prepare the Potato Gnocchi with Cocoa, which had been buzzing in my head for a long time, especially his face !!

Do you think that once I was invited to a cocoa-themed dinner, in a well-known restaurant in my area and perhaps the idea of ​​making these started from there gnocchi a little particular.

He is not a lover of sweet and savory contrasts on the same plate, just think that he does not eat melon and ham and with this I said it all !!

However, if I put a recipe in my head, I have to do it, and I told him at most if you don't like it, you can eat something else.

When I was preparing them, I saw his very doubtful gaze and I am sure he was thinking of an alternative for his quick and easy lunch.

Just bring you to the table with this very tasty Gnocchi with gorgonzola and pears dressing I asked him to taste them for an opinion.

He ate them, of course they will never be like his beloved lasagna or cannelloni, he wants to win easy with tastes, but he finished the whole dish and it was a real conquest.

Indeed he told me I can do it again, of course every now and then to change, but the cannelloni are better hahaha

However, the only Milanese who doesn't like risotto is my husband.

If you want to impress your partner or invite you with an unusual dish, I think this is one of the candidates for the choice.

For this recipe I used Kennebec potatoes in collaboration with Bubi Patata & amp Food Store

Gnocchi with Castelmagno

For a impromptu dinner or a quick dish, without sacrificing taste, try the gnocchi with Castelmagno! I'm a first plate easy and fast but with a great ingredient: Castelmagno, a renowned Piedmontese DOP cheese, much appreciated by connoisseurs.

  • 800 g of potato gnocchi
  • 200 g of Castelmagno
  • 200 ml of milk
  • 30 g of butter
  • 15 g of corn starch
  • salt
  • pepper

The gnocchi with Castelmagno I'm a first course like this easy And fast to prepare, which will be perfect for an impromptu last minute dinner. The recipe will be even tastier, if you have fresh gnocchi available, preferably homemade, following our basic recipe.

The flavor of the dish is all played on the grand quality of the condiment, Castelmagno, in fact, a typical semi-hard blue cheese, is a very renowned cheese, a Italian product D.O.P., already known in the Middle Ages.

In the recipe for gnocchi with Castelmagno, to get even more consistency creamy, about a tablespoon of corn starch is added, but you can then vary this quantity to your taste, for a more liquid or thicker sauce.

If you want, you could also pass the gnocchi under the grill for a few minutes, so you will get the same delicious golden crust of the cream cheese gnocchi gratin.

The gnocchi can have various shapes, colors and textures. If you want to amaze with color, you can focus on orange, with pumpkin gnocchi or make purple potato gnocchi, for a truly trendy menu.

Among our pages you will find many recipes of gnocchi, all different from each other!


To prepare sweet chocolate gnocchi First, coarsely chop the hazelnuts (or almonds) until you get a grain that is not quite regular. Keep aside.

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, add the sugar and stir until it is completely dissolved. (if you use dark chocolate with 55% cocoa, you don't need to add sugar).

Add the hazelnut cream, milk, chopped hazelnuts or almonds to the melted chocolate and mix. Let it cool, wrap this cream in a sheet of cling film and then put it to rest in the fridge for 1 hour and a half. ATTENTION: times are indicative, after 1 hour and a half my dough was very hard. It must not be totally hard, but solid: if it is not manageable, take the dough out of the fridge and let it rest at room temperature until it is malleable.

Remove small pieces of dough from the dough, form balls the size of a meatball, sprinkle with bitter cocoa and then pass each ball on the rigagnocchi, to give the final shape to the gnocchi. Once the dumpling is formed, sprinkle with more bitter cocoa and set aside. Continue until all the dough is complete. Leave to rest in the fridge until consumption, in an airtight jar. They are also a nice gift idea! Enjoy your meal!

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