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Gordon Ramsay to Open Restaurant in Singapore in 2015

Gordon Ramsay to Open Restaurant in Singapore in 2015

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Gordon Ramsay has announced that his next venture in Singapore will be an outpost of Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands.

A Singapore outpost of Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen is headed for the Marina Bay Sands resort in 2015, the Gordon Ramsay Group announced Wednesday, September 10. Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands will be modeled after the original location in London.The restaurant will serve a “British European menu” in an “industrial warehouse” setting.

In June 2014, Ramsay announced plans for the restaurant group’s expansion into Asia, beginning with a Hong Kong location of Bread Street Kitchen in central Hong Kong, which opens formally on September 18.

After Singapore, Ramsay will likely expand into Macau, although no further details have been released.

“I’m delighted to be opening in Singapore with a partner such as Marina Bay Sands, which is well known for providing world-class dining experiences in a market where people simply love their food,” said Ramsay in a statement.

“The further expansion into Asia is an exciting move for us and will see our successful London concepts being transferred and tailored to this new market.”

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Four years after shouty chef Gordon Ramsay's first Dubai restaurant Verre crumbled, he is making his return to the city. According to a press release, Ramsay is opening an outpost of his Bread Street Kitchen chainlet in the United Arab Emirates. Set to open this fall, it will be located inside of the Atlantis, The Palm resort. The restaurant will be "informal and accessible" and will serve a menu of modern European food. There will also be cocktails from "imaginative mixologists," which could just be press release speak for "the drinks will be complicated and weird."

Serge Zaalof, the resort's president and managing director, notes in the release: "Working with the Gordon Ramsay Group to bring his restaurant to Dubai is only the beginning of an incredible partnership." Does this mean that Dubai should brace for more Ramsay restaurants?

Ramsay has big plans for his Bread Street Kitchen chain. In addition to the outposts in London and Hong Kong, and the planned location in Dubai, he is also expanding the concept to Singapore. He plans to open there next year.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay hopes to open second restaurant here

To say British restaurateur and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is nothing like his television personality would be something of a stretch.

Even in person, the star of hit shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Hotel Hell and MasterChef US – has the same purposeful stride and intense gaze that has been known to reduce grown adults to stuttering fools.

The 50-year-old was in town last week to judge the inaugural Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Culinary Olympics, which was held at his restaurant there, Bread Street Kitchen.

And though the chef, whose restaurants have garnered seven Michelin stars, was warm and chatty when he sat down with The Straits Times, the din of a bartender shaking up a drink and interrupting his thoughts saw him momentarily go into classic Ramsay mode.

“I know you’ve got to shake your drink, but it’s blowing everything up,” he said to the bartender, who quickly scooted away. “Please go down the bar and shake. Thank you.”

It quickly became obvious that for Ramsay, focus and attention to detail are key – evident not only by how engaged he is when speaking, but also by his thoughts on everything from opening a second restaurant in Singapore to his new online cooking programme, the Gordon Ramsay Masterclass.

“Bread Street Kitchen is an all- day casual concept and I want to turn it up a notch and do something a bit more refined – but I’m very fussy, so real estate is important,” he says, citing Customs House across the bay as an area that he says has evolved beautifully.

“I’m thinking a 60- to 70-seater with fine dining. That’s what I would like next for Singapore. But I need to find the right space first.”

He took that same meticulous approach when he was asked to create an online video-lesson series, the Gordon Ramsay Masterclass, which launched last November.

The 20-part series walks viewers through everything – from Ramsay’s personal journey in the culinary world to mastering knife skills to working with ingredients such as shellfish and herbs and classic recipes.

His YouTube channel, featuring snippets from his television programmes over the years, had hit over half a billion views by the end of 2015, prompting him to consider creating the masterclass series last year.

“What I wanted was for it to be really stripped back, shot in my home and be just me cooking from ingredient to dish – without a brigade of 25, 30 chefs. I love the idea of teaching properly, cooking from the heart and not sounding like a food snob.”

The course – priced at US$90 (S$127)- had an outreach of 48 million people over Black Friday last year. Interested applicants can sign up and pay on www.masterclass. com, which will give them access to the video lessons and a class workbook.

Ironically, as much as he enjoys cooking solo, the opportunities for that vary a lot these days, given his schedule and how extensively he travels.

In the six days before arriving in Singapore, he wrapped up the finale of Hell’s Kitchen, cooked for the Elton John Aids Foundation dinner for the Oscars in Los Angeles and stopped by Hong Kong to visit his restaurants there.

Still, for Ramsay, cooking and innovating on the go are part of the job.

“These days, I just do it at other people’s restaurants. Just the other day in Hong Kong, I had the most delicious octopus pasta and I loved the way the octopus was sliced so thinly and braised,” he says, reaching for his phone to show a photo of it he had uploaded to his Instagram account.

“So now, I want to maybe make a squid ink pasta and put the slivers of octopus into the pasta. I don’t know if it’ll be manageable or if it will work, but I’m dying to try it.”

Even though he admits that he does not follow food trends closely, Ramsay says natural fermentation, pickling, grains and pulses are what gets him excited these days.

“It’s healthier and a way to lighten the balance of cooking so it doesn’t become sedated and heavy. It’s a nice way of eating vegetables, without using dairy products.”

It is evident, though, that cooking aside, his first love will always be spurring on younger talent to join and fall in love with an industry that has given him so much – which is why he constantly makes time to mentor and work with young chefs.

“In Asia, I think that the strong work ethic is there, but the hunger is not, which is why it is important to make this industry as attractive as possible to tantalise young talent,” he says, adding that he relishes seeing young chefs grow and compete with his restaurants.

“I consider myself an unselfish chef. A charitable organisation called the Round Table is what helped pay 70 quid for my first chef’s whites and knives back in the day, so now that I’m in the position to give back, I want to do it.”

This story first appeared on The Straits Times on March 3, 2017.

Ramsay to Open Hell's Kitchen-Themed Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay will open a Hell's Kitchen-themed restaurant in Las Vegas based on his popular TV show he's announced.

The restaurant, which will have close to 300 covers according to a report by Variety, will be located at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. It's Ramsay's fifth restaurant in Las Vegas, joining the chef's steak, burger, and fish and chip restaurants, and his pub & grill.

The menu will feature dishes form the show, plus some of Ramsay's most famous creations. Hopefully, the kitchen's tendency to sink the service on the show won't be carried over into the restaurant, otherwise there are going to be some pretty disgruntled diners.

Ramsay recently hit the headlines after criticising the presentation of an Indian dish on Twitter, sparking a backlash on social media. The chef announced news of his newest restaurant live on Facebook.

Malaysians Must Know the TRUTH

Global culinary icon and celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay.

BANDAR SUNWAY: Lovers of all things food and good can expect to treat themselves to a memorable gourmet dining experience at Sunway Resort once June comes around.

This flagship of Sunway City Kuala Lumpur has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Gordon Ramsay Restaurants to open the world-renowned, multi-Michelin starred chef’s first-ever restaurant in Malaysia, marking it the start of an exciting new era of international gastronomy for the country.

Under the historic collaboration, guests at Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, will be treated to a blend of culinary brilliance and electric entertainment at Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill – the concept’s first location outside of London.

Scheduled to open in June 2021, it will be the signature dining destination at Sunway Resort, which is currently undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation.

Similar to the original outlet in Mayfair, London, Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill will provide diners with a variety of offerings throughout the day.

Specifically, the restaurant will have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and cocktail hours available for diners.

Signature dishes of the renowned chef will be made available to diners here. ( pic)

This will range from snacks and light bites, to signature delights of Ramsay’s, such as Beef Wellington and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

As to be expected of a chef of quality, diners can expect to feast on the best ingredients, with the finest meats all used for Ramsay’s renowned signature dishes.

The restaurant which will be located on the lobby level of the resort will have a vibrant atmosphere, with iconic contemporary interiors so diners feel at home.

And this is in addition to the floor-to-ceiling windows which offer sweeping views of Sunway Lagoon and stylish dining rooms for private events as well as family areas.

Bookings are accepted as of now, even if the restaurant is only throwing open its doors in June 2021 onwards.

In addition to sweeping views of Sunway Lagoon, diners also have access to private rooms as well as family areas. ( pic)

What’s more, guests staying in Sunway Resort’s specialist suites will be entitled to a daily breakfast here, which will be included in their rate.

As a result, it’s likely that this will be one of the world’s most sought-after hotel breakfasts.

It goes without saying that Ramsay’s reputation precedes him, being the star of hit television shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef US.

He has left his indelible mark on the restaurant industry through his collection of acclaimed international restaurants, and as such, currently holds seven Michelin stars.

Andy Wenlock, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants’ CEO, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with the Sunway Group as we expand our Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill concept into Malaysia, and very much look forward to sharing our wonderful menu and famed guest experience with local and international diners in 2021.” - FMT


Ramsay’s first documented role in television was in two fly-on-the-kitchen-wall documentaries: Boiling Point (1998) and Beyond Boiling Point (2000), but he had appeared previously as a judge on a MasterChef-like series for young catering students in 1997, with his then restaurant partner. Ramsay appeared on series three of Faking It in 2001, helping the prospective chef, a burger flipper named Ed Devlin, learn the trade. This episode won the 2001 BAFTA for “Best Factual TV Moment.”

In 2004, Ramsay appeared in two British television series. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares aired on Channel 4, and saw the chef troubleshooting failing restaurants over one week. This series ran its fifth series in 2007. Hell’s Kitchen, a reality show which aired on ITV1, saw Ramsay attempt to train ten British celebrities to be chefs, as they ran a restaurant on Brick Lane in the East End of London, which opened to the public for the two-week duration of the show. Although he was the creator of Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay only starred in the first series, as he signed a four-year contract with Channel 4, ruling out any possibility of him appearing on future episodes of the ITV-produced show.

In May 2005, the Fox network introduced Ramsay to American audiences in a US version of Hell’s Kitchen produced by Granada Entertainment and A. Smith & Co. The show follows a similar premise to the original British series, showcasing Ramsay’s perfectionism and infamously short temper. Ramsay had also hosted a US version of Kitchen Nightmares, which premiered on Fox on 19 September 2007. On 23 June 2014, Ramsay announced he was ending the series. In June 2018, Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back, a new series with a premise much like Kitchen Nightmares but a shorter timeline, premiered on Fox.

Ramsay has presented five series of a food-based magazine programme titled The F Word it launched on Channel 4 on 27 October 2005. The show is organised around several key, recurring features, notably a brigade competition, a guest cook competition, a food-related investigative report and a series-long project of raising animals to be served in the finale. The guest cook (usually a celebrity) prepares a dish of their own choosing and places it in competition against a similar dish submitted by Ramsay. The dishes are judged by diners who are unaware of who cooked which dish and, if the guest wins (as they have on numerous occasions), their dish is served at Ramsay’s restaurant. The US version premiered on 31 May 2017 on Fox.

In July 2006, Channel 4 announced that it had re-signed Ramsay to an exclusive four-year deal at the network, running until July 2011. The series became one of the highest rated shows aired on Channel 4 each week. During one episode of The F Word, Ramsay cooked in Doncaster Prison in Marshgate for its inmates. The chef was so impressed by the speed at which a prisoner, Kieron Tarff, chopped vegetables that he offered him a job at his restaurant following his release in 2007.

In 2010, Ramsay served as a producer and judge on the US version of MasterChef. (A second season of the show began in June 2011, again starring Ramsay.) On that same show, he was joined by culinary judges Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich. He starred in a travelogue about his visit to India, Gordon’s Great Escape followed by a series set in Asia. He hosted the series Ramsay’s Best Restaurant, which was the first UK series by Ramsay’s own production company, One Potato Two Potato.

Ramsay joined several other celebrity chefs in the 2010 series, The Big Fish Fight, where he, along with fellow chef Jamie Oliver and a few others, spent time on a trawler boat to raise awareness about the discarding of hundreds of thousands of sea fish.

In March 2012, Fox announced the coming of Ramsay’s fourth series for the Fox network, Hotel Hell the series is similar to Kitchen Nightmares, except that it focuses on struggling hotels, motels and other lodging establishments in the United States. Originally slated for debut 6 April 2012 and 4 June 2012, the series debuted 13 August 2012.

Guest appearances

In September 2005, Ramsay, along with Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Wolfgang Puck and Sanjeev Kapoor, were featured in CNN International’s Quest, in which Richard Quest stepped into the shoes of celebrity chefs.

In 2006, Ramsay took part in a television series for ITV, following the lead-up to Soccer Aid, a celebrity charity football match, in which he played only the first half, nursing an injury picked up in training. Ramsay captained the Rest of the World XI against an England XI captained by Robbie Williams. His involvement was limited after he received a four-inch cut in his calf.

During his second appearance on the BBC’s Top Gear, he stated that his current cars are a Ferrari F430 and a Range Rover Sport Supercharged, the latter replacing the Bentley Continental GT he previously owned. On 14 May 2006, he appeared on Top Gear in the “Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car” segment. Ramsay held the top spot on Top Gear’s celebrity leader board, with a lap time of 1.46.38 until overtaken by Simon Cowell.

Ramsay starred in part of a National Blood Service “Give Blood” television advertisement in England, in which he said that he would have died from a ruptured spleen had it not have been for another person’s blood donation. On 13 October 2006, he was guest host on the first episode of the BBC’s comedy panel show Have I Got News for You’s 32nd series. On 27 December 2007, Ramsay appeared in the Extras Christmas special.

In January 2008, Ramsay also guest featured on Channel 4’s Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack as the Big Brother housemates took part in his Cookalong Live television show. Gordon spoke directly to the Big Brother House via the house plasma screens, regularly checking on the progress of the contestants.

In 2011, during the results show of American Idol, footage of the top 5 contestants taking on a challenge of cooking with Gordon Ramsay was shown. The Top 5 were given 10 minutes to make the best omelettes.

In November 2011, Ramsay made an appearance on The Simpsons episode “The Food Wife”. In February 2017, Ramsay made a guest appearance on New Girl episode “Operation: Bobcat”. Ramsay made an appearance on 11 December 2017 broadcast of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, a South Korean reality television show on JTBC.

Ramsay voices the character Bolton Gramercy in Big Hero 6: The Series. The character, a chef with a fiery temper, is loosely based on him.

Gordon Ramsay's Retirement Plans Include a Restaurant That Is Open One Day a Week

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay's retirement plans involve opening another restaurant. In an interview with Forbes, Ramsay — the owner of an empire of 26 restaurants — reveals that while the idea of retiring "scares the shit out of" him, he does have ideas for one more eatery.

The 48-year-old chef says that he simply wants to "buy a boat, go down to the Virgin Islands and buy a restaurant." However, this spot will only be open one day a week. Ideally, the restaurant will be a 40-seat shack on the beach ("Can you image how f-cking busy it would be?") As for the rest of the week, Ramsay notes that he wants to "fish and dive."

Ramsay appears years away from retiring, however, and is in the midst of an expansion streak. He recently opened restaurants in Atlantic City and Singapore and he plans to open an outpost of his Bread Street Kitchen chainlet in Dubai this fall. In March, his business partner Stuart Gillies revealed that the two hope to open another 50 restaurants.

Bread Street Kitchen Bar Takeover

Mixology wizards Qing Ting Ha from Origin Grill and Jon Lee from Singapore’s very own Tippling Club will join hands with Bread Street Kitchen’s head bartender Vojtech Bazant to present a one-night only bar showcase. All three mixologists, who were recently crowned top three winners at the Mediterranean Inspirations Singapore Final organized by Gin Mare, will present their award-winning cocktails, each priced at S$19++. Take a sip of Vojtech’s winning creation, the Sundaze – a relaxing tipple reminiscent of glistening sun rays on the Mediterranean sea, boasting notes of fresh pomegranate, thyme, and rosé.

Accompany your tipple with signature bar snacks such as the pork fennel flatbread, salmon ceviche, and pork belly sliders for pairing with the delicious cocktails, which will be available for a week until 30 June.


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