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Sandwich in love

Sandwich in love

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Over a slice of bread add a slice of salami, a slice of melted cheese, a slice of tomato cut round (after the tomato has been washed), a slice of salami and, finally, the other slice of bread.

Wash the lettuce leaves and place on a plate, then place the sandwich in the middle. With the help of a dui, the eyes are cut from the slice of melted cheese, and from the olive, the iris. Holes are made, also with the help of the duo, in the cheese circles in order to be able to fix the olive circles and the eyes are placed on the sandwich.

From a corner of a slice of salami cut the nose and then put it on the sandwich.

Cut the mouth out of a slice of tomato and place it on the sandwich.

The cheese is put on the large grater and the hair and eyebrows are formed in it. The hair is placed first on the sandwich, then next to it.

From the remaining tomato, cut 3 hearts with the help of a cookie cutter, and with the help of a knife, cut a very small heart.

Ianis Hagi continues to impress at Rangers! Superb action in the last match, and the sports press writes that he became the best passer in Scotland. The son of the famous Gheorghe Hagi only posts photos with him during the matches and does not show us that he has a girlfriend.

Until two years ago, I found out from Cristina Lung, the niece of Silviu Lung, former goalkeeper of Craiova and of the national team, that the two have a love affair. However, the two broke up, and each saw his own way.

Now, the sports press writes that Ianis Hagi has loved a woman from Constanta for a long time, for more than a year, writes Constănțeanca is of Aromanian origin like the football player. The two get along perfectly, say the sources, but, for the time being, the young woman has not moved to Scotland.

The young lady is a student in Romania and is waiting to finish her studies in order to follow Ianis Hagi abroad. & # 8222I make a perfect pair. Ianis is a very polite, intelligent boy, he behaves wonderfully with her. And the girl is smart, she is still a student, but they get along very well & # 8221, a close friend of the two told

How many E's are in the school package we prepare for the little one or in the snack we take on the run?

You think you are doing the little one a favor by preparing the package for the big break. In reality, though, you pack enough E's. It's true, you can't really avoid them, but at least you can make wiser choices.

As an example of a common package is a sandwich made of wholemeal bread, butter and Prague ham, InfoCons wanted to know how many E's there are in such a snack. He studied most of the assortments on the market and it turned out that minimum 4 and maximum 15.

It should be noted that none of the butter assortments studied had E's.

Given that E's are also found in other foods consumed throughout the day, it can lead to a dangerously high amount of food additives, especially harmful to children.

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